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The Agents

Back after a brief hiatus is the terrific band, The Agents. These are the recordings of the first batch of new songs. Great tunes, a great band, and a lot fun to work with. Go see their killer live show.
Available for download here
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Boss Man Boss Man

Grow Grow

Too Rude Too Rude

Posted: January 4th, 2011
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Scotty Don’t

Late summer sees the release of a new album by Scotty Don’t, the original project of the band Badfish. I’ve worked with the band since its inception, and am continually impressed not only with the talent of the members, but also their passion for exploring musical ideas.

This album consists of several new studio cuts as well as several live recordings. The new songs were recorded fully embracing today’s recording technology, and the ability to easily send tracks anywhere via the web. The demo versions of the tunes were written by Pat Downes in Florida, then fleshed out up here in Rhode Island.

After some pre-production work here, the album became a truly national project. Drums, bass, guitar, vocals and horns were all recorded at different places along the east coast, and then sent to Austin for mixdown. A little unusual, but the most efficient way to record a heavily touring band whose members live far from each other.

Look for this band all over the country at every Badfish show.

Posted: October 2nd, 2010
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The Rudeness

Next out to press is a 13 song album by the Rudeness, a group that worked for years as most of M80, and now returns to its reggae/ska roots.

Great tunes, written chiefly by Jonny Safford, an incredibly prolific writer/ singer/ guitarist. The 5 piece band cut all rhythm parts for 13 tunes in one session, we then overdubbed vocals and horns. A few extra additions from the Rocktorium of Love bullpen (Mike Dansereau and Doug Woolverton on organ and trumpet, respectively, with a little trombone added by me) filled out this album perfectly.

A really great album arriving just at the heart of Summer. This band will be touring a lot to support this record, check them out at

Alone With You Alone With You

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Spinning WheelsSpinning Wheels

Posted: July 26th, 2010
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