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The Rudeness

Next out to press is a 13 song album by the Rudeness, a group that worked for years as most of M80, and now returns to its reggae/ska roots.

Great tunes, written chiefly by Jonny Safford, an incredibly prolific writer/ singer/ guitarist. The 5 piece band cut all rhythm parts for 13 tunes in one session, we then overdubbed vocals and horns. A few extra additions from the Rocktorium of Love bullpen (Mike Dansereau and Doug Woolverton on organ and trumpet, respectively, with a little trombone added by me) filled out this album perfectly.

A really great album arriving just at the heart of Summer. This band will be touring a lot to support this record, check them out at

Alone With You Alone With You

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Spinning WheelsSpinning Wheels

Posted: July 26th, 2010
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