The single most important element of any great record is a great song. The second most important element is a great performance. The Rocktorium of Love, the personal studio of musician and producer Ray Gennari, is designed solely to help artists achieve these two goals, and capture them on record.

More than a physical place, the Rocktorium of Love represents a sonic quality and musical aesthetic that comes from working with a producer who has performed, recorded, and toured for over twenty years, playing several different instruments, in genres that range from reggae to blues to classical to punk, and virtually everything in between.

In addition to recording, the Rocktorium of Love provides co-writing, arranging, and a bullpen of world-class musicians available to play on your project. Simply stated, the Rocktorium of Love exists to help make your music the best that it can be.

Posted: April 13th, 2010
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