Shiner and her Lucky Pennies

Shiner disc

One of the highlights of 2015 had to be the release of this disc of western swing/country music.   The story of how it came to be, and the making of it over a year and a half, is a pretty incredible story on its own, and deserving of its own post, but, man, was it amazing!   The end of that story finds this debut album by Shiner and Her Lucky Pennies. It was produced here in West Kingston, with drums and a few other tracks recorded here, but the bulk of the work was done in Texas, with great friends, the Wildmans, providing the 5W Ranch as a satellite recording studio.    It features the literally legendary “Texas Shorty” Chancellor (Kennedy Center award winner) on fiddle,  and Clint Strong, a veteran of Merle Haggard’s band, on many of the guitar tracks.  Both happily and very sadly, this is also the last recording that the great Jack Brown (member of both the Sacramento and Tulsa Western Swing Halls of Fame) appeared on, as he passed away shortly after the first of the two sessions that we did in Texas.   This isn’t to say that the rest of the players are any less talented- listen for yourself!  And riding it all is the fabulous voice of Shiner herself, Sunshine Menezes.   It feature three original tunes, as well as a live take of “Laughing at Life” recorded at the Rocktorium West- the foreman’s ranch house at the 5W.   Enjoy!

Listen here at









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The Copacetics

Just about a year ago, the Copacetics came in as an up and coming ska/reggae band.   Even over the short time of making their record, they grew by leaps and bounds.  Since then, the album has made numerous local and international “best of 2015” lists, and the band has grown into a powerhouse.  Proud to have produced and recorded the last album, and terribly excited about doing the same for the new one.   Basic tracks are done, and February should see the completion of all overdubs.   It should be another gem.

Find the Copacetics here.

Copacetics disc

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Hello 2016!

New room   leftNew room  right  Holy smokes, was 2015 a big year at the Rocktorium! It was so busy that we didn’t post many updates, but we’ll be recapping the year soon. Of all the great things that happened in 2015, the biggest had to be the addition of the new control room.   In the works for over 2 years, the new work flow is beautiful, and it sounds amazing!   Some terrific artists are taking advantage of it now- rock bands, reggae bands, americana, singer/songwriters-  2016 is starting great!

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It’s Been Awhile…

Just realized that it’s been a while since we’ve posted something.  That’s not because we haven’t been recording some terrific musicians, it’s because we’ve been too busy!

 2014 was a great and busy year-  5 full length albums, at least as many ep’s, and a whole slew of 1-3 song projects by a bunch of great artists and bands.

As always, recordings ran the genre gamut, from blues, to reggae, to soul, to country, and what’s becoming a Rocktorium specialty, fleshing out singer-songwriter’s songs with incredible full band arrangements, courtesy of “The Bullpen”- the collection of world class players that are available for Rocktorium recordings.

On top of that, the new room- the eco-friendly, acoustically designed, control and live room took great leaps, and is on pace to be in service this Spring.    Can’t wait!

We’ll post samples from some of the wonderful artists that we’ve worked with over the last few months soon, but in the meantime, have a joyful, healthy, and creative 2015!                         -Ray

Rocktorium addition




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Gumption and Glory

Gumption & Glory logo  jpg

Gumption and Glory is the original project of Rocktorium of Love producer and engineer Ray Gennari, who wrote, performed, and recorded all of the tracks, with key contributions from some of the musicians who make up the incredibly talented bullpen of players available to play on Rocktorium sessions. With styles ranging from old soul to alt country to reggae and back, the album reflects Ray’s widely ranging career as a musician. A live show is coming soon, and a second album is already underway.

Find the full album at

Alive    Alive

This Song Is a Piece Of Crap    This Song Is A Piece of Crap

Never    Never

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Everyone Dead

everyone dead color
In a really fun departure from the roots and reggae music that the Rocktoriun has become known for, comes a five song EP from Everyone Dead. Formerly the band M-80, the boys are back a little meaner, and a little more metal. Four killer originals, and one of the best reggae covers (metalized) that I have ever heard.

All Systems Go final mp3 All Systems Go

Take The Vow final mp3 Take The Vow

Welcome To Jam Rock final mp3 Welcome To Jam Rock

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Boo City – Anchortown EP

New from Boo City is an amazing compilation of 5 tunes recorded at three different studios on the East coast. Sweeteness was mainly recorded and mixed here at the Rocktorium, and additionally, some horn tracks for some other tunes were recorded here to take advantage of the room’s great warm sound, captured by vintage ribbon mics. Boo City is a terrific band, and put on amazing live shows throughout the New England/ New York area. This wonderful project is available here.

Sweetness Sweetness

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After disbanding the very fun reggae/rock band (and former Rocktorium clients) The Rudeness, several of the members weren’t quite ready to give up the course that the band had set. After adding several new, very talented members, these tunes are the next wave of gems from gifted writer/singer Jonny Safford and the crew.

7 Dollars mp3 7 Dollars

Almost Over mp3 Almost Over

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MOGA- Resevoir

This album by MOGA was also a lot of fun to produce. Great songs and lots of cool instrumentation- the ingredients for an awesome record. Be sure to check them out live, and check out the rest of this terrific project.

Cold White Winter Cold White Winter
Sip Sip Sip Sip
Warm Water Warm Water

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Ted Stevens Band- Dead End Dragstrip

A great new record ready for release, Dead End Dragstrip was recorded in a just a few days, and during a hurricane that knocked out power for weeks, but mercifully spared an approximate 1/4 mile circle around the Rocktorium. It is always a lot of fun to work with Teddy and the boys, and this record was no exception. Proud to be a pioneer in the new genre of “Hurricane Rock”. Check them out all over Florida, and periodically, in Rhode Island.

Dead End Dragstrip Dead End Dragstrip
Booze and Doom Booze and Doom
Cracked Dash Cracked Dash

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